Dealing with aches or pains? Skip the medicine…..soak in salt water hot tub instead!

Our society has turned toward quick fixes;

anytime we have aches, pains, runny noses, can’t sleep… Really, if we have an “ow”, there’s a pill for it.

Most of them are readily available in any chemist.

it’s incredibly easy to just reach for one to get that quick fix and hope it will do the trick to alleviate whatever is currently ailing us.

Most of those pills can be left on the drugstore shelf with regular soaks in a hot tub.

And, in some cases, getting that soak in a salt water hot tub will make you feel even better and provide natural relief.

Sore muscles? 

It’s well documented how terrific soaking in hot water is for aching muscles.

Whether it be from working out, standing on your feet all day, back strain from sitting at a desk, a hot tub can come to the rescue.

Giving you lots of relief! Buoyancy is one of the keys to relieve the pressure on muscles and joints, and salt water really boosts that buoyancy factor.

Cuts, scrapes, bruises? 

Hot tub soaking increases circulation to your epidermis.

This will enable your skin to speed up its repair process and get things back to normal.

Salt water soaking is a boon for skin repair and will speed healing up even faster!

It also helps with dry skin, because salt is one of nature’s moisturisers.

Achy joints? 

There’s been plenty of research done on the benefits of hot water soaking to relieve joint pain and stiffness, including joint issues related to arthritis.

Again, as with sore muscle relief, joints will also benefit from the added buoyancy salt water will provide.

Salt water soaking is not just better for you, it’s also much better for the environment.

In Hot Spring Spas equipped with a FreshWater Salt System, you’ll be using fewer bottled products.

With the proper attention; the water in your hot tub can last up to one year; before it will be needing a complete water change; saving thousands of gallons of water over time.

And as the system uses a cartridge to convert salt into the sanitiser you need that requires no maintenance and is recyclable!

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