Full List of health benefits according to Doctors and Researchers

Our fast-paced lives of today are quite strenuous. Almost everyone in today’s world is striving to earn money, balance work and home life, maintain a social presence, stay healthy and manage their time. In all the fuss and stress, everyone needs a personal gateway where they can relax and enjoy a quiet time-out – a hot tub provides exactly that.

It is not just a source of relaxation; there is a number of hot tub health benefits too. If you have your own hot tub at home, a soothing soak can be a smart way to start reaping a multitude of health benefits.

Here is an evidence-based guideline that will tell you all about the numerous health benefits of the hot tub, and these are not just self-proclaimed facts, all these things are backed by doctors and scientific research.

Should I buy a hot tub in the first place?

Many people ask about hot tub advantages and disadvantages, as they are struggling with the question: should I get a hot tub? Basically, my opinion is YES – Your hot tub will help relieve you from all the stress of everyday life.

If you want to unwind from all the pressures mounting on you, you need to spend just 15 minutes in a hot tub, every morning or night. If you are feeling stress and tension, it will all seep out from your body as you slide down into it. Just let the combination of warm water, benefits of hot spring and the natural buoyancy of water work its magic.

What does a hot tub consist of?

You might think that hot tub is just a home pool filled with hot water, but in reality, hot tubs are now designed with so many features to make it as pleasurable as possible. It may have multiple features like lights, music and temperature settings, there are even some that you can add your own oils to that will help you to dissolve your worries and get utmost benefits of hot springs. Even with all the customization and enhancements, it is a very simple to use as a control panel can be used to activate 170 high-powered bubble jets; it results in a refreshing massage.

So What are the Health Benefits you may ask

There are numerous proven health benefits of a hot tub if you start soaking yourself in a hot tub every day. Most people use spas for therapy and relaxation. According to Bridget C. Davis, a hot tub can have long-lasting effects on your health, like:

  • back relief
  • reduction in pain
  • improved sleep
  • relief from arthritis pain
  • getting rid of blood pressure issues
  • and many more

One of the prime Jacuzzi benefits is that it helps in stress reduction and it will not cause any side effects. Many people revert to smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs in order to handle stress. This all may feel you great temporarily, but they will also contribute towards negative health issues like liver damage and other physical complications.

On the other, using a hot tub does not bring any negative side effects. There are countless reasons for buying a hot tub, but here are the top 10 reasons. Warm water raises the body temperature and helps to dilate blood vessels and increase blood circulation. The buoyancy of water takes all the weight off your joints and you feel so much relaxed.

Health benefits of hydrotherapy were well-known since 19th century: George Knapp Abbott says in “Principles and Practice of Hydrotherapy for Students and Practitioners of Medicine” that a spa can become a healthy part of your daily routine. Dr. Currie of Liverpool, England suggests that hydrotherapy is best before work in the morning as it helps you to get prepared for a busy day.

Stretching your lower back and hips

F G Thomson asserts that hot tubs are good for releasing body aches like a pain in lower back and hips. Water is so perfectly warmed up and works wonders on loosening up tight muscles and other body joints.

William D. Bandy and Barbara Sanders opine that water therapy will also help your body release toxins. In this way, the benefits of hot springs will help you in getting relief for lower back pain. This therapy makes a world of difference. If you are going through a lot of pain, Andrea Bates and Norm Hanson suggest reaping the benefit of performing multiple stretches in a hot tub.

Hot tub for sore muscles:

If you are suffering from sore muscles, then soaking in a hot tub is one of the best ways of getting rid of that. Yeda Gabilan and fellow researchers emphasize on the benefits of aquatic physiotherapy for muscle pain and stiffness. A hot tub helps to soothe aches and pain while eradicating muscle discomfort.


Caroline Wilbert says that immersion, heat, and vibration of all jets can have biological, sensory effects which are useful for people with injuries and pain.


Due to lack of sleep, you start feeling nervous and groggy. It will also cause erratic mood swings. Don Riling talks about researchers that have found that insomnia is a result of hectic and stressful lifestyle. Relaxing in a hot tub can help you to have a powerful sleep.

Stress and anxiety

Christina Clark talks about neuromuscular benefits of soaking yourself in hot water, as it reduces stress and anxiety. It is best to have hydrotherapy in warm water as it increases the chances for a happy and healthy life.

Hot tub muscle recovery

If you start exercising like long distancing running or weight lifting, then you might need to have muscle recovery. Antonio Cuesta-Vargas with other researchers has researched hydrotherapy as a recovery strategy; they assert that combination of warm water in the hot tub makes it easier to keep going with exercise and you can meet your fitness goals easily.

Weight loss

There are multiple useful strategies that can help to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, you must follow some essential lifestyle changes. However, most of these strategies involve some level of discomfort like extensive exercise, abstaining from favorite foods; however, the hot tub is an easy and discomfort-free weight loss strategy. Generally, people ask “do saunas make you lose weight?” and the simple answer is YES, they do!

that sauna or hot tub can aid with weight loss as it will relax your muscles and increase respiration. The more restful sleep, the easier it will be to reach your ideal weight. This works so well when you take a long soak after running or exercise; this makes it easy to achieve your weight loss goal.

Ilanit Weigenfeld-Lahav and three other researchers have pointed out physical and psychological impacts of physical therapy including hot tub’s ability to reduce your appetite by soaking in the hot tub for 20 minutes before a meal. You will find yourself less hungry and your body starts heating up, resulting in lesser food consumption. You will be inclined to drink more water which keeps your stomach full. Charushila Biswas further adds that there are a couple of exercises which further help you to reduce weight:

  • Front shoulder stretch:

You can stretch your shoulders with your both hands. Just dip your hips low while holding on with your hands.

  • Work your core:

You can have a strong grip with both hands and bring your knees up to the chest. You can get relaxed while keeping your back straight and shoulders downwards.

  • Leg Kicks:

You can bend your knees at a 90-degree angle and lift it towards the surface of the water.

Do saunas make you lose weight?

Most people wonder if a hot and steamy sauna helps to lose weight. And that is a big YES. Sara Hardyal says that all you need to do is relax and enjoy the traditional bath in warm water and sweat it out. Numerous researches have proven that soaking in a sauna or hot tub helps to take off your inches.

Easy to sweat off weight?

When you are in a sauna, you experience sweating. The temperature basically causes your heart rate to increase as if you are doing an exercise; the sauna may be able to help you burn some extra calories. This is an effective tool for real weight loss. Enjoying the sauna is such a good addition to your fitness routine and it can be very enjoyable.

Specific health conditions treatment

The hot tub is considered as a symbol of luxury. It is purely about indulgence! I designed the jets in the hot tub which helps to soothe aching muscles. The heat of water also helps to open blood vessels. My team pays careful attention while designing to ensure all-out therapeutic advantages of the hot tub.

I design hot tub keeping in mind their utility for some specific treatments of medical conditions, chronic pains and some mental issues. Following is a list of some conditions that can be treated by using hot tubs:


Fibromyalgia is a disorder that results in discomforts like pain and stiffness. This disease makes it difficult for an individual to move. Relief begins with warm water; it has a greater effect on women than men. Many doctors try different medications in order to treat this disease. Giacomo, Sara, Emanuele, and Antonella summarized that the best place to get relief from fibromyalgia is in a hot tub. A single dip in a hot tub is a superb way to melt all tensions and stress. Hence there are many advantages of bathing in a hot tub.

This pain and discomfort from fibromyalgia may last for a long time, but the effective relief is as close as your backyard spa. With the help of regular hydrotherapy of this disease, the patient may enjoy:

  1. Pain relief for long term
  2. Great sense of calm
  3. Optimum blood circulation
  4. Reduction in point pain

A hydrotherapy study found out that consistent use of hot tubs improves overall wellbeing and increase energy levels. A sense of increased vitality is seen in people who are fond of soaking in the hot tub before sports. Another study was conducted in Germany on hot tub advantages and disadvantages and according to the results, hydrotherapy can be used as an effective method for those who are suffering from fibromyalgia.

Lower back pain

According to research estimate, 80% of people suffer from lower back pain at one point or the other in their life. It can have a severe impact on the quality of life and cause sleep loss. Chirotrust also indicates that hydrotherapy has a positive impact on the people suffering from lower back pain.

This is an easy way to get rid of that annoying pain in the lower back; in a hot tub, elevated heat enters all areas of the body including upper and lower back as well as shoulders. A single dip can provide instant relief. I have designed a variety of powerful jets that result in accumulating multiple benefits of hot springs. Customized hot tub massages also ease mobility and decrease the need for other medications. Robyn Whalen further adds that warm water promotes optimal blood circulation and diminishes pain sensory signals.

Decrease anxiety

If you have spent your day stressed out by your hectic routine, all you need is to soak in a hot tub to get rid of all the stress. Jacuzzi also agrees that while you are immersed in a hot tub, nothing matters more than how good you start feeling. It basically helps to balance your nervous system. Samantha Lauriello further adds that immersion boosts the release of the hormone. Dopamine is released by the nervous system in our bodies to fight with the effects of harmful stress.

Headache, fatigue, migraine

The one who is suffering from migraine knows that its worse than just a headache. There are many symptoms like feeling dizzy, nausea, pain on one side of the head and many others. Stress causes muscle tension which can result in a painful migraine.

To get relief from migraine and other headaches, you should soak yourself for at least five minutes (the longer the better); then take a cold compress and place it on your forehead for some time. After completing this process, return to soak in jets with cold compression application. You can continue this exercise for a few minutes and the alternating hot and cold water to lessen the intensity of your migraine.


With the chronic pain of arthritis, it can be very difficult to find an effective treatment. But for rheumatoid arthritis, health benefits of hot tub and hydrotherapy is highly recommended. Research of Khanjari and Ameri also state that bubbling water has no side effects.

According to the research by Franke, Reiner, Pratzel, Franke, Resch, 43 million people in the US are suffering from arthritis. The silver lining in the cloud is that damage can be prevented through natural ways without surrendering to a lifetime of medication. The patient can have regular sessions in the hot tub which keeps the joint moving.

Furthermore, there are a lot of exercises that are best for arthritis patients and can be performed in a hot tub; these may include leg lifting, leg curls, and bicycle kicks. If you find some difficulty to keep your balance, you can also go for a floatation belt while performing leg movements.

High blood pressure

When you enter the hot tub, just set your stopwatch for fifteen minutes and then check your blood pressure. As your heart starts beating, it pushes blood through your arteries and sometimes your arteries get blocked up with fatty deposits. This causes obstruction and can also damage organs. These orders lead to blood pressure issues.

Researchers Shin, Wilson and Wilson also highlight the fact that hot tubs can help get rid of blood pressure complications. Numerous medical studies show that ten minutes in the hot tub are totally safe for the treatment of hypertension.

Most of the doctors say that YES, hot tubs are considered absolutely safe with respect to patients suffering from blood pressure. However, Lorna Collier says that you just need to be a little careful if you are going through any other heart disease.

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