Magicfun Floating Chlorine Dispenser, 7 Inch Pool Chlorine Dispenser Chemical Floater to Hold 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Spa, Fountain




Made of high-quality PP material, the floating dispenser is non-corrosive, anti-oxidation and durable for a long-lasting use.

With a cute goldfish design to attract children’s attention, and also make it a great addition for the swimming pool.

The floating dispenser is retractable, and has a large capacity of 7 inches to hold almost 5 pieces of 3-inch chlorine or bromine tablets.

There is an adjustable flow vent on the bottom of the floater, so you can control the release rate of tablets easily.

By dispensing chlorine or bromine tablets wherever there is water, the premium chemical floater can effectively control the pH value as well as prevent any algae, bacteria or odours from the pool.

Perfect for keeping the water fresh, clean and pollution-free.

So Simple to use just rotate the chemical floater to open its top cover and fill the chlorine granules, tablets or bromine, replace the lid.

The dispenser floating on the water surface can evenly spread the chemicals to every corner of your pool. A very practical water cleaning tool for repeated use.

Magicfun Floating Chlorine Dispenser is engaged in providing a clean and safe water environment for you.

Widely used for swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, springs.


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