BUBBLES? YES! but NO foam in the hot tub

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In the hot tub, there are bubbles and there is foam!!!

There is a big difference; as air is mixed with the water

It is then sent through the jets; with a force by the pump; hence creating the bubbles.

The bubbles are what helps you relax and give you a spirit of playfulness to your hot tub experience.

Foam is the result of jet bubbles; holding their shape after the jets are turned off.

The foam will form; because the water has contaminates; such as body lotion, suntan oil or even soap residue that hasn’t been oxidised or picked up by the filters

Bubbles will then form; and are coated with “junk” and they don’t pop!!

Ever been to a public hot tub/spa and seen lots of foam? Hope you didn’t get in!!

Warning: Never get in a foamy tub. It’s a clear indicator that the sanitation is not at proper levels.)

Just in case you do get a bad case of the “foams” in your hot tub;

here’s the most natural cure, its a product called SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier. It’s actually made of crab shells that would ordinarily be dumped back in the ocean. Through a patented process; crab shells are turned into an agent; that will removes oils from the water.   

Treat the water to make sure sanitation levels are where they should be and clean your filters.

In the meantime, there’s SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier.

Unlike the synthetic, petroleum-based clarifiers,  SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier will actually remove the oils from the water.

The unique, patented technology keeps water clear and clean. Use it regularly to remove oils and keep filters cleaner longer. Order some today!

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