Intex PureSpa Review

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What is the Pure Spa Hot Tub?

Its a robust, easy and quick to set up and reasonably priced,

The Pure Spa hot tub is idea and suitable for regular family use.

The operational panel is straightforward giving you easy control over the heating and jets,

And the included lid makes sure that heat doesn’t escape overnight.

It’s a neat and high quality whirlpool that’s ideal for garden or summerhouse use.

So What are the Key Features you may ask!

The bubble jets – The pure spa hot tub has 120 high-powered jets in total, which is more jets than you’ll find with most other models out there. Heating and massaging at the same time, the Pure Spa gives you everything you want from a budget-friendly hot tub.

​Built-in hard water treatment, ​​this clever system keeps the water softer which is more pleasant on the skin and gives you a better experience. It also helps to keep water marks to a minimum and limescale doesn’t build up on the heating element.

Insulating lid included, keeps the heat in and the cold out with the fitted lid that clips securely into place.

The lid also prevents children, animals and birds falling into the water, when the Pure Spa is left unattended outside.

The Pure Spa Jacuzzi comes in a choice of versions – a 4-person round or octagonal model, and a 6-person round model, so there are a few different options to choose between. They all come with a 12-month guarantee for peace of mind.

The spa comes with a storage bag, so it can be packed away neatly if it’s going to be unused for a period of time. As it’s so easy to unpack and set up, it’s not a huge chore to get back out again.

A more detailed Review

Comfortableness 4/5

There is plenty of room for 3 or 5 adults, but the leg room is slightly cramped for the 4th or 6th person, depending on the size of Pure Spa purchased.

An insulation mat keeps the bottom of the spa warm, and the sides of the hot tub are strong enough to sit on so the Pure Spa scores well when it comes to comfort.

Running Costs 4/5

Expect your electricity bill to go up when you run any outdoor whirlpool, but some spas are more costly than others. The tub has an insulating lid to help keep costs down, but on average, the cost to run the Pure Spa is £12-14 a week according to reviews. Turn the heat off when you’re not going to get in the water for a while will save some money.

Heat Up Times 4/5

The suggested time for the Pure Spa to heat up to the maximum 40 degrees is 12-24 hours. The water heats up around 2 degrees each hour which is more or less spot on with other brands. Many users say that 38 degrees is a comfortable temperature to sit in which will shave an hour or two off the heating time.

Noisiness 5/5

The pump and heater on the Pure Spa are very well built, extremely robust, and this contributes to lower noise levels when it’s in operation.

A low hum is all that can be heard, along with the bubbling sound of the water.

The hard water treatment system incorporated in the spa keeps the equipment in a better condition for longer, helping to keep the noise down on the longer run as well.

Winter Usage 4/5

With an insulating mat for underneath the spa, it is perfectly fine to use the Pure Spa in the winter months making this whirlpool a great all year round product. Pop the lid straight on to minimise heat loss after you get out.

When the bubbles are on, some of the heat is dispersed, so consider turning the jets off occasionally and to keep the water at its max when the air is cold.

Price 4/5

Investing in a hot spa isn’t cheap, but selecting an inflatable model makes things more affordable. That said, there are cheaper models out there than the Pure Spa and the number of accessories that come with the spa is limited too. But the Pure Spa has a well-built motor, and it comes with puncture-resistant technology, so you get what you pay for.

The Intex Pure Spa is an ideal hot tub for small to medium gardens, it is ideally suited for couples, families or large groups.

The 120 Pure Spa bubble massaging jets surround the interior providing a therapeutic experience that relaxes tired muscles and gently soothes the mind.

On a personal note I have a Intex PureSpa and its the best one i have purchased and certainly been a godsend since lock down.

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