Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub and Pool Gazebo Dome Enclosure

The Bestway Lay-Z Spa dome enclosure is a gazebo which is built to help protect and enhance people’s experiences with hot tubs.

Hot tubbing is great all year round, especially when the weather starts getting colder,

But the rain has a habit of spoiling the effect.

Therefore, it makes sense to look for a dome tent of sorts to help close things in.

The enclosure design of the dome will not only act as a smart and stylish sun shelter,

It will also help to protect you and your hot tub users against some of the colder, wetter elements and prying neighbours!

It’ll help you keep your water warm during winter use, and you can easily open and close material walls and doors to make sure you get plenty of privacy.

Bespoke-made for Lay-Z, this enclosure system is most certainly to be a sound investment if you want to make the most of your relevant tub.

The Lay-Z-Spa Dome is an amazing investment

A Visually Pleasing Lay-Z-Spa Gazebo

There are many different hot tub enclosures out there, and this one seems to offer the most visually-pleasing aesthetic.

It themes in nicely with most Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs, meaning it’s neutral and flexible for all your tub protection needs.

Detachable Fabric. 

Open up and close off your dome as much or as little as you like, whenever you like.

It’s a flexible enclosure, which means it would give you privacy if you need it or protecting yourself against winds.

Wind Protection. 

The manufacturing and material used in the hot tub dome are likely to protect you against high wind all year round.

This is always going to be an issue if you are trying to keep heat in instead of losing it to the elements.

Heat Efficiency. 

The Lay-Z-Spa dome is built and designed to be as thermo-efficient as possible.

Hot tub surrounds built into the dome gazebo will allow you to retain the warmth and comfort you’d otherwise come to expect from your jacuzzi throughout the year.

The Bestway spa dome is big enough to cover all inflatable hot tubs in the Lay-Z line, meaning that we doubt customers will have much of a problem finding the gazebo to properly fit.

Ideally, it should also protect you from cooling winds during the wetter seasons, though if you do need extra ventilation, it is one of few enclosures for hot tubs which can readily adapt. Simply take the fabric sides away and adapt the doors to your needs.

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